"A small price to pay for peace of mind"

The emergency SOS Shaft Seal Repair is one of the most innovative marine safety products I have seen in years. As an experienced captain, and dock master in Fort Myers, I would encourage my loopers to keep one onboard as they travel. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

Capt Eric


Actual rescue photo

"It Saved us from Sinking"

Capt. Randy's invention could have saved us the trauma of sinking and the taxpayers thousands.  I was not ready to die on December 14th, 2016, when a  Coast Guard Helicopter from Key West saved us. We were 45 miles offshore, between  Marathon and Marco Island in the Gulf of Mexico when an alarm went off.  We found water gushing into the bilge, two very experienced Captains could do nothing to stop the shaft seal from leaking. No one could without the right equipment. If we have had an SOS on board, it could have prevented the nightmare and the deployment of a Coast Guard Helicopter.

Capt. Kurt Johnson and Capt. Archie Simpson

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