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NOTICE: REFER TO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL PRIOR TO USE. THIS DEVICE IS INTENDED TO BE A REDUNDANT, TEMPORARY EMERGENCY REPAIR FOR PROPELLER SHAFT SEAL LEAKS AND THE LIKE, INCLUDING TO PREVENT THE INFLUX OF WATER DUE TO A FAILED PROPELLER SHAFT SEAL OR SHAFT SEAL BELLOWS. REFER TO THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL PRIOR TO USE IN ANY EMERGENCY. Even though every attempt is made to ensure the installation information in the manual is complete and accurate, it is impossible to account for all possible circumstances or situations. Please consult with a qualified boat technician before attempting to perform any work you are not qualified to do. Boats and boating can be hazardous to operate and work on; be sure to take all necessary safety precautions during installation in the event of an emergency and consult with a technician prior to use of this Device to ensure this device is compatible with your vessel. Be sure that your work is performed in accordance with such standards and that you do not disable any safety feature. Failure to do so may result in property damage or personal injury, or death. Certain boat maintenance standards and performance requirements may apply to your boat or marine vessel. THIS DEVICE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR REQUIRED MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS APPLICABLE TO YOUR VESSEL. The Seller and Provider of this Device assumes no liability for any damages or losses of any kind to person or property relating to the use or attempted use of this Device and makes no guarantees concerning the ability of this Device to prevent a boat or floating vessel of any kind from sinking in any particular emergency situation. This is a last resort back-up or redundant option only to a properly operating and maintained propeller shaft seal and boat that may, when properly and timely installed, assist in slowing the influx of water from a failed shaft seal via a semi water-proof back-up seal in the event of an emergency. Any defects in the manufacture of the product that results in failure of the Device to successfully reduce water influx in the event of an emergency shall entitle the owner to reimbursement of the costs of purchasing the Device only. Consequential damages of any kind by any person are not covered under any circumstances.